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Sentral Senayan Sentral Senayan
Office Tower

Eighteen stories and completed in October 1997, Sentral Senayan I provides an excellent preview of the future 28 story Sentral Senayan II.

Currently 100% occupied, Sentral Senayan I is the preferred business address of multinational companies that demand a proven quality of management service, committed to meeting their needs.

Apartemen PlazaSenayan Apartemen Plaza Senayan

Set in a tropical landscaped garden with complete facilities, Apartemen Plaza Senayan offers its residents, unrivalled convenience. It is no wonder that most of its residents work in its vicinity. Walking to work or going home for lunch are luxuries these residents can truly enjoy and take advantage of.

The apartment’s ‘function room’, overlooking the pool, is an ideal place for corporate out-of-office meetings, seminars and parties.

Plaza Senayan Plaza Senayan
Shopping Center

Time is of the “essence”. There are many benefits from having a reputable shopping center at one’s doorstep. Sentral Senayan II tenants will reap the rewards of having a comprehensive selection of restaurants and cafes, banks, hairdressers, department stores and supermarkets, brand name and specialty shops, readily at hand.

Plaza Senayan Arcadia Sentral Senayan Office Tower
Leisure & Pleasure

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," so the saying goes. Whether true or not, Plaza Senayan Arcadia certainly offers the opportunity to unwind and relax after a long day at the office.

For those wanting to fit a workout into their busy day, the Sentral Senayan Office Tower gym is the place to be. Also, check out the preferred corporate membership rates now available. If something less energetic is needed, Arcadia also has a Thai spa, beauty clinic, restaurants and bars, all within walking distance.